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    Packing Required?
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Unlike other global move websites, when you get a quote from International Move, you’re getting the best deal available for you - wherever in the world you’re moving to. As part of the Unigroup Relocation Network, your local partner office in Australia will work with our partners in your destination city to make sure you get not just the best deal possible, but the right one for you.

Are you stressed about moving your belongings safely overseas?

It doesn’t have to be complicated. We offer reliable and personalised service that ensures each and every one of your belongings arrives safely at your destination.

Your overseas move could rapidly turn into a nightmare if customs regulations, fees, packaging, shipment rules and insurance are not handled correctly.

International Move ensures that all responsibilities and requirements are met so that you have a smooth, stress free relocation of your belongings.

The largest removal group in the world

The Unigroup Relocation Network, the largest removal group in the world handling every international requirement and providing you with a reliable, helpful and professional moving service from or to Australia.

The Unigroup Relocation Network has over 1500 partner offices throughout the world of which we will source the best possible prices and services to suit and customise your move.

As experts in overseas shipping we have established a reputation of complete care and trust.  Our team pack every item with care, keeping destination and journey in mind and providing custom packaging for delicate and valuable belongings.


Thanks to our partner offices located in every corner of the globe, we can offer you competitive pricing and accurate information about your destination.

Call our closest partner office now to see how we can help you begin your journey.

  • Packing Required?
    Packing Required?
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    What are you Moving?